Montessori Method

    ​Learn more about the Montessori approach to learning.

    ​Highlights to Montessori Approach

    The following are some highlights of the Montessori approach to learning:
    • It’s an individualized approach, which moves children ahead in areas of strength, and also gives children more time when developmentally needed.
    • It builds a nurturing community through multi-age groupings which fosters respect for self, respect for others and individual differences, and respect for environment.
    • The freedom within a structure encourages self-initiative, goal setting, independence, self-discipline and responsibility.
    • It’s a hands-on approach, which helps introduce children to concepts at an early age and sequentially moves them from the concrete to the abstract.
    • It’s a fully integrated and comprehensive curriculum, which stimulates learning through guided discovery.
      It encourages children to follow their intense curiosity and interests to problem-solve, to think and to continue to love learning.
    • It focuses on life-​long tools to learning in a non-competitive environment with extended, uninterrupted work opportunities.

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