School FAQs

    ​Some common inquiries about our school are listed below.

    ​Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is Community Montessori's Mission & Vision?

    See About Us page for our mission and vision statements. 

    2. How does tuition work?

    See Tuition Rates for current tuition information.  Full or half-day tuition is charged for 3 and 4 year olds. Half-day tuition is charged for full-day Kindergarten. 1st – 5th grade is tuition-free. Scholarships are available.

    3.  At what age can my child start?

    Children must be 3 years old by September 30 of that school year.

    4.  Does CM offer specials such as Art, Music, and PE? 

    Yes, we follow the guidelines that BVSD has in place for all schools in the district for students K-5.

    5. My child is an English Language Learner. How can he/she get support?

    CM offers English Language Development assessments and instruction as required by Federal and State law. We have ESL-endorsed teachers, ELL teachers, and a Native Language Tutor to support students. English Language Development is part of the culture of our school.

    6.  Do CM students take standardized tests?

    Because we are a BVSD school, students are required to take Federal and State mandated tests. This is one measure of students' progress and not the sole tool we use to look at achievement at Community Montessori. Our priority is to educate the whole child to develop lifelong learners.

    7. How do I know if Montessori is right for my child?

    We believe that Montessori education benefits all children. We encourage you to research the Montessori method and visit our school to determine if it will be a good fit for your family. Please visit​ and for more information about Maria Montessori, her philosophy, and how it is implemented in schools.

    8.  How do CM students do transitioning to Middle School?

    Our Upper Elementary teachers are aware of the expectations of Middle School and prepare students appropriately, ​building on their prior experiences in Primary and Lower Elementary. We repeatedly hear from parents and alumni that although it is a transition for any child, our students are entering local Middle Schools prepared with the necessary skills to succeed both academically and socially.