School Report

    Find all the reports and information about our school's assessment, climate, demographics, and performance.

    Reports on Community Montessori (CM)

    Please visit the Community Montessori page of the Boulder Valley School District website where you can find information such as the School Assessment, Climate and Demographics on the left-side navigation bar.

    All Schools - Boulder Valley School District(BVSD) Reports

    The BVSD website contains sections on each school in the district, including School Assessment, Climate, and Demographics. On the BVSD Elementary Schools Directory, click on each individual school and you will find additional information in the left-side navigation bar.

    All Schools - Colorado Department of Education School Accountability Reports

    The Colorado Dept. of Education website provides school performance and educational resources. CDE Growth and Achievement and School Performance Data.

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     School Accountability Committee (SAC)

    The Community Montessori site-based governance structure is designed to effectively carry out the school’s vision and mission by creating and monitoring school improvement goals.  Please visit the Community Montessori School Accountability Committee Page for details and meeting information.