Open Enrollment Notifications

    What happens after Open Enrollment period ends?

    After the Open Enrollment period ends, families who have submitted an application will receive notification of acceptance or non-acceptance by early February.  Students whose Open Enrollment Applications are accepted and chose Community Montessori as their home school are all ready to attend our school in the Fall.  For students new to BVSD, some additional effort is needed to enroll into BVSD. 

    Preschoolers, Kindergartners, and Student New to BVSD -- Need to Enroll into BVSD

    Students who are new to Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) schools and/or are incoming Preschoolers or Kindergartners will also need to submit the Student Enrollment Online application.  Once the online application is complete, the student will need to bring the application receipt and supporting documentation to the school office.  More details about the enrollment, including the necessary supporting documentation, can be found on the BVSD Student Enrollment Website.

    Wait List

    If the student's Open Enrollment Application is not accepted, the child will be placed on a wait list.  The student families on the waitlist will be emailed or called to fill verified vacant spots as they become available from Feburary through June and a final time in August.  Any student who missed the Open Enrollment deadline my submit an application prior to August 30 to add the student's name to the bottom of the established waitlist.