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At Community Montessori, students attend music with their mixed aged classes (Primary, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary).

All students will have opportunities to see live musicians perform; work on a variety of instruments including xylophones, guitars, keyboards, and African drums; learn about music throughout time periods, cultures, and genres; create and perform music alone; as well as with others. Students will participate in a variety of folk dances, drum circles, and unique musical experiences utilizing music from all over the world.

In music class, what we are learning is based of the Boulder Valley School District Essential Curriculum Documents. 

Meet our Music Staff

James Williamson

students playing brass instruments
students playing woodwind instruments
students playing woodwind instruments

‚ÄčInstrumental music is a class for all 5th graders.

In the Fall, prior to the start of instrumental music, there will be information meetings to help your child make an instrument decision. Classes meet twice weekly.