​Literacy instruction is based on the student's needs.

    ​Children at Community Montessori  are formally assessed in reading 2-3 times a year using the DRA2 Benchmark Book Assessment and DRA2 Word Analysis. 

    If a student does not meet the benchmark, more specific assessments will be used.  The teacher will then begin targeted individual instruction aligned with specific reading goals and monitor the child for growth in the specified areas. 

    If the student does not show enough growth through the targeted intervention in the classroom, the student will receive additional reading intervention by a literacy teacher.  The child will receive this additional intervention for approximately 8 weeks.   This instruction will be based on the student’s needs. If the student makes gains in the needed areas, the intervention will discontinue and the teacher will continue to monitor the student’s progress in the classroom.  If the student needs additional support, the instruction may be modified and extended for another 6-8 weeks.  Children also bring books home on a daily basis to read to and talk about with an adult.

    The literacy teachers are available to conference with parents and talk about ways to support their child in reading development at home.