​Music at Community Montessori is influenced by the Orff-Schulwerk process, encouraging a hands-on approach to creativity.

    Students are constantly active using poems, rhymes, games, songs and dances as their mode of expression. All these elements may be accompanied by drums, and various other non-melodic percussion and/or the "instrumentarium" of melodic percussion: xylophones, metallophones and glockenspiels. 

    Coming up, the upper elementary students will be putting together a performance using the Orff Schulwerk approach.

    Music Websites​

    Below are some Music Websites which ​​can help expand your student's knowledge of the different sounds and types of​ instruments.

    • ​​​Arts Alive​ - An outstanding site where you can learn about the ​different instruements in the orchestra.  There's also games, activities, and additional links to learning more.
    • ​Classics for Kids - Fun activities to learn about composers and their music.  Lots of good ideas for teachers too! 
    • SFSKids​ - San Francisco Symphony Orchestra for Kids is a fantastic site with lots of great games and interactive listening activities
    • ​DSOKids​ - Dallas Symphony Orchestra for Kids has lots of games, activities and ​​listening information for kids.  ​​Backstage with Bleekie is ​very fun for younger ​students.​​​


    ​The "Orff" model blends so well with the Montessori philosophy since it encourages a hands-on approach to creativity. It also emphasizes the experience of the music first, before it is defined on a conscious level. Schulwerk means schooling in music through activity and creativity. Orff is the last name of a composer, Carl Orff, who together with Gunild Keetman, created the material and ideas to use as models for teachers all over the world. The "volumes", as they are referred to by music teachers, are now translated into 18 languages. Presently, there are over 10,000 teachers in the United States who use the Orff process as the vehicle to bring music to children.

    Some of the other aspects of Orff teaching according to the American Orff Schulwerk Association include:
      -- "Orff Schulwerk is non-competitive where one of the rewards is the pleasure of making good music with others."
      -- "Orff Schulwerk is a teaching and learning approach, not a method."
      --" Its uniqueness lies in the incorporation of the spoken word with singing, movement and instrument playing as learning tools."



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