Physical Education

    ​Physical Education at Community Montessori provides students the exciting opportunity to participate in many different activities and to develop their sport and movement skills in a safe, supportive environment. 

    Our foundational goal is to help students grow in appreciation and enjoyment of physical activity and sports.  This will promote their health, enhance their quality of life and encourage development of beneficial long-term habits.   

    Students are required to wear tennis shoes, and encouraged to bring a water bottle, on their P.E. days (please see schedule, below).

    In the spring, we also offer an after-school jump rope club for all elementary ages.


    Detailed information about our district-wide Physical Education curriculum and standards is available here:

    New Schedule

    Our school’s schedule has changed this year ('17/'18) for P.E., Music and Art, now called “A-B-C.”  This means that each “Special" class occurs every three days, meaning a different day each week!  We are encouraging students to remember which day they are required to wear tennis shoes by noting which “Special” occurs the day before P.E.  

    The schedule varies by class.  Helpful acronyms can be “MAP” (most elementary classes) or “AMP” (alphabetical order; Kindergarten classes and Holly's and Sarah M's classes = P.E. after Music--this year).  Alternatively, shoes made for activity could simply be worn every day, if ever in doubt as to the schedule!  Tennis shoes with good grip are important for safe movement on our wood floor which otherwise doesn’t give great traction.

    Water bottles are also encouraged to be brought on P.E. days.  Please, just water, and no glass bottles.

    Many thanks for helping your children to remember their tennis shoes to be prepared for P.E.!



    Karsten Roell{ebcc993e-f681-43ef-bec6-23fd3779d16f}Karsten RoellPE TeacherGP0|#375485de-6b54-4f6b-8500-155f61867ebc;L0|#0375485de-6b54-4f6b-8500-155f61867ebc|Physical Education;GTSet|#047c81e0-37dc-4eae-934f-e677abc2b456;GPP|#ac90095b-9ee0-42c4-9b52-26efaebea9b3;GPP|#6ad9fbb3-bf89-49b8-9e36-ddd3131d80d6;GPP|​I have been teaching here at Community Montessori since 2008.  Previously I taught in Denver Public Schools for four years.  Physical Education is my chosen career because it combines my enjoyment of children, teaching, and sport skills – a rewarding job!  My personal interests include ancient-world studies, racket sports, general sports, and linguistics.<div><br></div><div>A good way to contact me is to stop by after school or email/call me.  You are welcome to visit your child's PE class anytime.<br><br>​​“Mens Sana In Corpore Sano”​<br>(A sound mind in a sound body)</div>