School Accountability Committee (SAC)

    The Community Montessori School Accountability Committee (SAC) is made up of staff and parents and serves as the governing organization designed to effectively carry out the school's vision and mission.

    The primary role of the SAC is in the areas of making recommendations for spending priorities and the school improvement plan, as well as discussing implementation of the school improvement plan. 

    At Community Montessori, the SAC meets once per month.  Please see our school calendar for dates.  If you are interested in getting involved, please contact the school office. 

    Folder: 2015-16-SAC-Notes
    SAC Agenda_Minutes 2018-12-10.pdf
    SAC Agenda_Minutes 2019-03-11.pdf
    SAC Agenda_Minutes 9-10-18.pdf

     BVSD Resources: SAC, DAC, DPC

    BVSD School Accountability Committee's purpose and expectations can be found on the BVSD DAC/SAC Website.  Be sure to check out the School Accountability Committee Manual.  Additional information for school improvements can be found on the following websites.