Fundraising Initiatives

    ​​The PTA offers many fundraising opportunities to help fund enhancements that make our children’s educational experience true to the Montessori model.


    Visit Community Montessori PTA's Fundraising Website

    Personal Giving Campaign Annual Fundraiser

    The Personal Giving Campaign (PGC) is Community Montessori's largest annual fundraiser, raising an average of $20,000 per year over the past few years. While Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) provides the basics for our classrooms it is up to Community Montessori parents, families, friends, employers, and school alumni to provide the enhancements that make our children’s educational experience true to the Montessori model.  More details...

    How to Give?

    It is easy to give. You can donate using PayPal (button above). You can drop off cash or a check in the office. 

    Why Give?  

    We are so fortunate to be a part of a public Montessori, but we rely on fundraising to cover costs and make our school exceptional.  Are you able to give to help pay for your child’s:
    •    Paraprofessional ($18,000/year over what BVSD provides)
    •    Classroom materials ($12,000)
    •    Montessori materials
    •    Art/PE/Music supplies
    •    Field trips
    •    Building safety and improvements
    •    Garden improvements

    Other Fundraising Opportunities

    There are many other ways which families can help raise money for our school.  Please visit the PTA Fundraising Website for all the details on how you can earn money for our school just by shopping at stores like King Soopers, Safeway, Lucky's, GrandRabbits, as well as AmazonSmiles online.  Gift cards at other stores are also available.

    King Soopers/Safeway/Lucky's Reloadable Gift Cards

    Use your PTA-"issued" reloadable gift cards to buy your groceries/prescriptions/gas and 5% of your bill will be donated back to our school!  More details...

    Items to Bring to School

    We are collecting the following items as they earn money for our school.  Please drop these items off in the collection box near the school office.
    •   Longmont Dairy Milk Caps
    •   Box Tops for Education
    •   Labels for Education
    •   Cell Phones & Used Printer Cartridges