Transportation & Trip-Tracker

    Find out about the different transportation options available to you.​

    ​BVSD Space Available Busing

    In accordance with School Board Policy EEA, student who are open enrolled to a BVSD school may apply for available space on school buses.  Families interested in using this space available option for bus transportation must apply by September 10. Notification of application approval will be made by mid September.  Students will not be able to ride the bus until they have been approved.  More information and FAQs can be found on the BVSD Transportation Website.


    Are you interested in finding other families/students to walk, bike, bus or carpool to school with?  There is a transportation network setup for Community Montessori to assist parents in having their children walk, bike, carpool, or ride either the school bus or RTD bus to/from school with other students from our school.  More details about the Schoolpool program, sponsored by Way to Go, can be found on the BVSD Transportation Carpool Website.  This program is FREE and there is no obligation to participate.

    If you would like to carpool, please check out the Community Montessori Schoolpool Website.

    Trip Tracker

    The BVSD Trip Tracker Program encourages and rewards students for walking, biking, skating, scooting, busing or carpooling to school. Families record their alternative transportation trips and send them in via a monthly e-mailed survey (or on paper calendars when no e-mail is available). Totals are generated for 'Student-Powered', 'Other-Powered' and 'School Bus'.  ​Community Montessori is excited to be one of 21 BVSD schools participating in this program! 

    If you participated in Trip Tracker last year, your registration will be automatically carried over for this school year and you should be receiving an email about it.  If you did not participate last year and would like to register for the program, please visit the BVSD Trip Tracker Website and click on the Register button. 

    Trip Tracker Dollar Rewards are given based on number of trips and number of miles each month. These 'dollars' can be spent like cash at participating local businesses (see participating local businesses).

    Report Your Trip Tracker Trips for the previous month the first week of EVERY month. 
    Trip Tracker Dollar will be distributed to the students mid month through the Friday Folders. You can start counting walk, bike, bus, carpool trips on the first day of school. August and September trips will be combined and reported on the Trip Tracker Website beginning October 1 and the first Trip Tracker Dollars will be distributed in mid-October.