Volunteer Opportunities

    There are many opportunities for parents to get involved with our school and make an impact on the students.

    Visit Community Montessori PTA's Volunteer Website

    All volunteers must have a Volunteer Agreement Form on file.  Also, to help keep our children safe, volunteers must have the background screen paperwork completed before volunteering in the classroom or on a field trip.  More details can be found on the Volunteer Page.

    Visit the Community Montessori PTA Website to stay connected and to see a list of all the events happening at our school.

    PTA Committees:​

    All parents can volunteer to serve on committees.    If you are interested in becoming involved with a committee, please contact the chairperson.  Current volunteering needs are posted on the PTA Volunteer Opportunities Website.

    • Community Relations - Plans and hosts the social/hospitality functions
    • Equity - Works to foster an equitable school community
    • Facilities - Focuses on the maintenance and improvement of the physical school inside and out
    • Finance - Maintains the budgets, funds, and record keeping
    • Fundraising - Plans and executes fundraising events for the school and writes grants
    • Public Relations - Facilitates communication between school and the community
    • Technology - Arranges for the programming and upgrading of computers within the classrooms​
    Social and School Events
    During the school year various events are planned and run by parent volunteers.  Some of them are for fundraising and others are social in nature.  They all involve student participation.  Some of the events are planned to further support the school curriculum.

    Room Parent Teams
    Each class has a room parent or parents who volunteer their time to assist the teacher and help wit​h all-school events. The room parents help plan field trips, social events, material making, as well as provide academic support.  Room parents call on other parents for additional support when more help is needed.  It is not an expectation of the room parent to organize group gifts at any time of the year.  Individual teachers may also communicate any additional volunteer needs for their classroom to parents.
    Classroom Volunteers
    In-class volunteers are always needed to assist teachers and children in various academic areas.  Responsibilities may include the following:  reading with children, weekly spelling tests, science projects, holiday celebrations, writing workshops, field trips, and special presentations. Parents may contact their child’s teacher to discuss the possibility of in-class volunteer opportunities. 

    Field Trip Volunteers:
    Parents who wish to volunteer as drivers on field trips and "going out" excursions are always welcome.  Car seats must be used as required by law dependent on height and weight of children being transported.  

    Material Making
    Material making and support is another important area where teachers need help.  Getting new materials ready for student use, particularly with new classroom setups, is always welcome.

    Scholastic Book Club
    Each class needs a parent volunteer Scholastic Book Club coordinator to organize monthly book orders.  See classroom teacher for details.

    Fundraising is a necessary component of our efforts to create and sustain a quality Montessori program.  All of the Montessori materials in our classrooms have been purchased with money raised by the school community.  In addition, we have developed gardens, increased our library book collection, purchased P.E.  music and art equipment, and supported many other aspects of school function through parent-raised funds.  Unfortunately in this era of limited funding for public education, the need for individual school fundraising in all public schools will continue.  Please help in whatever way is comfortable for you so that we can improve our school and continue to provide the opportunity for any child to receive an excellent Montessori public education.

    The following are some of the fundraising events that are either ongoing or occur on an annual basis at Community Montessori.  If you would like to be involved in any of these programs, please call the Fundraising Chairperson listed in the current Parent directory.

    Personal Giving Campaign (PGC)
    Each year we make a request for a donation from each family.  This fundraiser consistently raises the majority of our money.  There is no obligation to contribute and any amount of money is welcome and appreciated.

    We periodically offer items for sale that you are likely to purchase or that are unique opportunities unavailable elsewhere.  By buying things through Community Montessori, you contribute a portion of the purchase price to the school.  Some of these fundraisers have included a Book Fair and Scholastic Book sales.